Best Health And Wealth Tips For You

How To Possess Our Best Health and Wealth

So how does ‘best health and wealth’ occupy the same title?

Are they related? best health and wealth

If money is tight, does that coincide with a tightening waistline?

Or think about this: The smaller your savings, the larger your waistline.

It is often true that they are related. Money problems and weight gain do go hand in hand.

And how convenient it is to blame other things such as a crappy economy, your incorrect decisions, or lack of time to exercise or better yourself when things are not going your way.

I go through times, much like I think we all do when we are on top of our own games when I watch every last penny, and I watch everything I eat to make sure it is healthy and nutritious. Good choices…..long-term goals.

And then there are the other times. I get bored. I will go a little out of the box to make myself feel comfortable. I will spend money with no thought about it, and or will overindulge in junk food as if money and health will magically regenerate itself.

The point is that a lot of our thoughts and behaviors, in the long run, affect both our bank account and waistline.

So may I present that by recognizing what those are, you may be better able to not only have more money, but also a better waistline.

Your Best Health and Wealth

What are these thoughts and behaviors?

* You’re an all or nothing thinker.

If you’re like I am, either you’re all in or you’re all out. That’s good for times when you’re fully dedicated, but it’s not so pretty when that motivation starts to disintegrate.

If you’re an all or nothing thinker, one little cheat on your diet or spending a tad more money than you wanted toon something causes you to throw the rest of your ‘perfect plan‘ out the stress

If you want to change this way of thinking, remind yourself that there is no such thing as perfection. If you make a decision that isn’t the best and sets you back, so what? The next choice you make can still be the right one.

One step back doesn’t have to resort in falling down.Simply catch your balance and keep moving forward.

* You procrastinate when it comes to making changes.

Do you put things like your diet and your budget off until tomorrow, when you’ll supposedly be more prepared to start? Do you convince yourself that today just isn’t the best day to be making changes?

When you always leave things for tomorrow, they never get done.

It’s like putting all your dirty dishes in the sink and saying you’ll get to them later. Later never comes, and before you know it, you’re out of clean dishes, the kitchen smells, and now you have to work extra hard to do what you should have been doing all along.

Yes, maybe some things can wait for another day, but the longer you put off anything that has to do with your health or your finances, the longer you have to wait for the rewards.

You can’t finish something until you start it.

* You don’t know what to do, so you do nothing.

Sure, you may have a basic idea of how to stay fit and trim (eat right and exercise) and you probably have some knowledge about how to improve your financial situation(save more than spend and pay off debt), but do you know exactly what steps to take?Ignoring health and wealth

For example, chances are good that, unless you’ve done some research, you don’t know how to tell the difference between simple and complex carbs. And you probably don’t know which exercises benefit you in which ways, or how to work out to maximize your results.

If you’re like most of the population, you have absolutely no idea how to invest your money so it draws maximum gains.

So, what do you do? You do nothing. You bury your head in the sand and act like it doesn’t matter.The truth is (and you already know this) that it does matter. Your health matters and so does your ability to support yourself and your family, both now and well into your later years.

If there’s something you don’t know about your health or financial situation, then learn it. Ask a professional, or search online for expert advice.

Don’t sit on your hands and do nothing. If you choose to

ignore something until it becomes an issue, it will probably become a problem sooner than you imagine.

* You’re reward-oriented.

Do you believe that everything you do that is “good” should be rewarded?best diets

For example, when you put in a hard day at the office, is your reward at night a big bowl of ice cream?

Or, if you just survived your first kickboxing class, do you celebrate your accomplishment by going shopping?

If you think that all of your positive actions deserve to be compensated, then your belt is likely begging for relief and your savings account is screaming for a deposit.

Yes, the fact that you’re making positive choices is phenomenal! Any time you do something to better yourself in some way should cause you to feel extremely proud of where you are in life and what you’ve done.

However, that doesn’t mean that you should undo all that goodness by hurting yourself in other ways – as in your health or finances.

Learn to just be proud of doing good things. Let that sense of personal fulfillment be good enough for you.

Sure, you can go out to celebrate major accomplishments, and you should. But, you don’t have to celebrate every little good deed that you do or item you cross off your to-do list.

To Your Best Health and Wealth

Check out some great life-changing diet ideas that will:

* Boost your immune system

* Help you lose weight

* Improve your mood and energy levels

* Save you money in the long run

Get your act together and stop blaming the world for your troubles and your thin savings and wide waistline.

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