Juice Cleansing in a Balanced Diet

Juice Cleansing Possibilities

Juicing can be one of the best ways to fuel your body up with nutrients, vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. Can you get all of those things in a balanced diet? With juice every morning, you can!

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If you don’t always eat enough fruits and vegetables throughout your day with every meal, you can get your fill before 10 am by drinking powerful juices with breakfast. Whether for a morning boost, an afternoon snack or a late-night sweet tooth killer, there are so many reasons to juice yourself silly:

Because You Need to Rid Your Body of Toxins

  • Your body is full of toxins and chemicals from processed foods that you digest. Over time, it has the ability to cause diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol, and heart disease.
  • From polluted air to chemical-infused cookies, toxins from food (and especially over time) can pollute your body and stop it from performing its best.
  • When you start each morning with a juice – with broccoli, carrots, kale, apples, ginger, oranges, and strawberries, for example – you are getting enough good, antioxidant-rich foods in to push the toxins out.

Because You Need a Way More Vitamin C, Which . . .

  • . . . helps your immune system get a boost so that you can properly fight off the common cold, bacterial illness and body ache more easily.
  • . . . is an essential part of a healthy diet and can aid in fighting off the damage to your body’s tissues and cells.
  • . . . is needed for the protein that is essential to repair scars, your gums and pesky cuts and scrapes.
  • . . . is found in many fruits. So throw oranges, lemons or limes in a juicer or blender along with some other fruits, and you can absorb a ton of vitamins and other nutrients on the go.

Because Your Body Needs to Work Like Clockwork 

  • Your body is full of toxins, and the food you eat pollutes every one of your body’s systems: immune, respiratory, digestive, and so on.
  • Your body is affected by the foods you eat, and juicing can help dump out the bad stuff, and make your body clean and like new again.
  • Juicing can give you the essential boost of magnesium, iron, calcium, and vitamins A, B, C, D, E and K that you need to be and feel your best.
  • The fiber is lost during the juicing process, which means a healthy juice is easygoing on your digestive track while still giving you all of the nutrients.

Because You Want to Have More Energy

  • Boost your health naturally with juicing (while saying goodbye to expensive health pills).
  • Commit to an all-juice diet for 7 days, and you’ll notice the difference in your physical and mental functions immediately. This detox will also be a great way to reset your bad eating habits and begin a weight-loss plan.
  • You’ll easily digest minerals such as omega-3 fatty acids, iron, antioxidants (which fight off those pesky radicals that are responsible for attacking healthy cells) and calcium for bone strength and good health.

Because You Want to Lose Weight!

  • Juice up 8 carrots, 4 small apples, ½ a lemon and a tiny bit of ginger. Blend in a juicer, and feel healthier, while taking the step you need to lose inches off your arms, waist, and thighs.
  • Losing weight is 80 percent the foods you eat, and 20 percent exercise. Start each morning with a fresh juice (no sugar added), and you’ll lose weight quickly.

The Bottom Line . . .

Juicing yourself to good health is easy when you remember all of the benefits it offers. From vitamins and minerals that you can’t always get in a balanced diet, the perfect solution is juice – throw in whatever fruits (and vegetables) you love, and be as creative as you want.

After all, the health of your body depends on what you put in it!

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  1. Aileen says:

    When you juice, you don’t get the fiber that’s in whole fruits and vegetables. Juicing machines extract the juice and leave behind the pulp, which has fiber.

    • kleen1902 says:

      Thanks for the comments Aileen. There are machines out there that will juice everything. My wife and I had a juicer and I agree with you that it leaves much to be desired, then we bought a Vitamix. Expensive machine yes, however everything, including seeds, are juiced to perfection. We use it as a juicer on a regular basis.

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