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Top Anti-Aging Supplements that can help make you look and feel your bestbest anti aging supplements


If looking and feeling young is important to you, you may be wondering which are the top anti aging supplements that can help you look and feel your best while helping you to get the most out of your diet.

Below you will find five top anti aging supplements that have been shown to work in maintaining a youthful appearance and helping people simply feel younger.

The fact of the matter is, something such as a pill promising better skin may sound like a fluke, however studies have proven that certain products actually are effective in combating the effects of aging by eliminating the appearance of wrinkles, dullness, and brown spots among other things.

Consumers have started to catch on to the potential of these supplementsas have doctors. Supplements may be something more or less new, but they are here to stay as many have found them to be helpful in dieting, exercise, and overall wellness and maintaining a sense of well-being.

The top anti aging supplements listed below are worth adding to your anti-aging beauty basket, but do not forget to consult with your doctor first.

Polypodium Leucotomos Extract is known to protect against such things as discoloration, sun damage, and sagging skin. The journal of Photochemistry and Photobiology conducted a study in which the extract that comes from a fern from Central America helps maintain the fibroblasts of your skin which buildups and helps to restore collagen to help combat wrinkling the skin sagging. Another research study conducted by the International Journal of Dermatology suggests that the extract helps protect against sun damage, the supplement helps to make the dose UV radiation it takes to burn your skin higher, thus your skin can tolerate, or handle, more sun exposure when using this extract.

The long term benefit is believed to be a reduced risk of skin cancer while a benefit is the potential of helping to keep your skin tone more even. The recommended dose is 500 milligrams before being exposed to sunlight.

Vitamin C has, for a while now, been known to be a very useful dietary supplement.

Current expert opinion is that it helps protect against dullness and wrinkling. Topical and oral Vitamin C studies have shown to reduce oxidative “stress” in the cells of your body which in turn helps the cells to grow more naturally. Too much vitamin C however can be bad for you, so you should stick with the recommended dose of 100mg per day. Vitamin C is also good for your physical health and well-being beyond just making you look and feel good. So if you don’t take Vitamin C already, you may want to add it to your dietary regimen.

Vitamin E is another Vitamin that can help you to keep from aging in appearance and in the way you feel on a daily basis. Research indicates that Vitamin E has anti-inflammatory as well as anti-oxidant properties that benefit the health and well-being of the individual taking the supplement. Both qualities of the supplement are vital in skin regeneration the turnover of cells which is the process by which dead cells are shed and new and healthy cells take the place of the old cell

. Researchers say that the vitamin protects against wrinkles caused by UV radiation and damage caused by the environment. The recommended dose of Vitamin E is 200IU per day.

Of the five supplements mentioned here, Glucosamine is another that protects against fine lines and sagging skin which in turn makes you look younger. Amino Acids, of which Glucosamine is one, have been studied more as a topical ingredient, however, a Journal of Dermatology Treatment study revealed a 34% reduction in the visibility of wrinkles as well as fine lines in participants who used the supplement.

The journal of cosmetic dermatology published a review on glucosamine which suggests that wound healing is potentially accelerated by the Amino Acid while also improving skin hydration and decreasing wrinkles when the supplement is used. The recommended daily dose is 1,500mg per day.

The Coenzyme Q10 is said to fight against the onset of the forming of wrinkles. The supplement is more or less like the vitamins E and C in that it is a nutrient that helps improve the health and appearance of the skin. Just like the other antioxidants, it helps old cells disappear and new ones to replace them. It also has been shown to possibly be an effective youth booster. The recommended dose of this product is 200mg per day.

There are countless products out in the world today promising the ‘Fountain of Youth’. However, there are only very few companies with a proven track record. Do your homework. Do not fall for the first promise of immortality you read on the internet.

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